Friday, 30 August 2013

Spotlight On The Blogs: Pickled Cinema

This is the first in a monthly series which takes a look at other blogs of interest.
Nigel Maskell - also responsible for the excellent Italian Film Review - recently started Pickled Cinema, which features post apocalyptic sci-fi mutants, wayward youth, women in prison, black gloved killers, kung fu vampires, disco godfathers and much more. Here, Nigel's considered opinions on all manner of filmic delights are laid out in a no-nonsense, eminently readable manner, punctuated by some great stills.It's a beautifully varied menu, and I'm delighted Nigel has elected to treat us to yet another blog that will be of great interest to those who seek out psychotronic movies.Reviews so far include Lady Terminator, Riot On 42nd Street and Hobgoblins.

You can find Nigel's blog by clicking HERE and it's also in my blog list on the right, together with Italian Film Review.


  1. Thanks Steve, it is always a bit tough starting a new blog and building a readership. It has been so many years since I have last done this that I forgot what it felt like to get those "visitors - 0" stats. Loving the change of tone, however, and the different material to review. For the last 6 years when writing Italian Film Review I have thought to myself that I would like somewhere to write about the other films I watch- this is that place.

  2. Cheers, Nigel. You have made a great start with PC.