Sunday, 13 April 2014

Video Recordings Act. Please Sign The Petition.

As far as Home Video is concerned, The United Kingdom is blessed with some of the finest boutique labels in the world.
One of the features that make our labels so great are the extras that can be found on Blu-ray and DVD discs which increase our understanding and appreciation of cinema.

It has recently been publicised that the 'wonderful' Conservative Government has decided to table an amendment to the Video Recordings Act. At the moment, bonus material does not have to be classified by the BBFC, unless it contains material unsuitable for the certificate.
The proposed change to the act would require classification to bonus material, which means BBFC fees. So, it may no longer be cost effective for labels to include supplementary material, which may result in 'Vanilla' releases, devoid of documentaries, commentary tracks and featurettes.

Companies such as Arrow, Masters Of Cinema, The BFI, Second Sight and others work so hard to give us the best possible package for the films we love, and it seems grossly unfair to foist these mean spirited measures on the companies and those who spend hard-earned cash on their releases.

Please click HERE to sign the petition against this change. Thank you for your time.

The petition is open to those with a UK postcode. I have heard of film fans from abroad googling UK postcodes so they too can add support, but I couldn't possibly condone this!

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