Friday, 28 February 2014

About Art Decades: A New Magazine For The Ages

I'm really excited by the news that ace writer Jeremy Richey is starting a new magazine, with his wife Kelley.
Jeremy is responsible for some of my favourite blogs, including 'Moon In The Gutter', Harry Moseby Confidential' and 'Fascination' which is dedicated to the late, great Jean Rollin. Jeremy is a supremely gifted writer, and he's gathered together some wonderful scribes to participate in the first issue of 'Art Decades'.

Jeremy and Kelley yesterday launched a 'kickstarter' campaign on to get some startup funds available, and I'm just about to head over there to pledge some cash. Let Jeremy tell you more about this project.

"Hello, My name is Jeremy Richey and I am the author of various film blogs including Moon in the Gutter and Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience. My work has also appeared in the pages of such publications as SCREEM, RUE MORGUE and THE DIRECTORY OF WORLD CINEMA. My wife Kelley and I are currently working on our first print publication and, to help raise some startup funds, we have just started a campaign at Indiegogo and would appreciate any help you might be able to offer.<br> ART DECADES is an upcoming quarterly print publication that will feature a variety of critical, historical, and personal articles on everything from film to music to fashion and beyond from a large number of writers from all over the world. ART DECADES will also feature exclusive interviews with various up and coming and established artists, filmmakers, performers, musicians and photographers. Issue #1 of ART DECADES will be released in November of 2014 and will be available to order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and our official website."

If you love music, film and the arts in general,this promises to be one hell of a magazine.

Just click HERE for the link to pledge at indiegogo.

Please head over there, and pledge what you can afford. You can keep up with Jeremy's other work by checking out my blog list to the right of Wonderland.

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