Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Top 10 Discs of 2015

Thanks to a flu bug that ran from mid-December to late-January, my top 10 for 2014 did not materialise. However, I'm able to select my choices this time round from what has been another great year for Home Video releases. As you'll see, 11 titles have made it into my list, and I'll also mention a few that just missed out. All of my choices are UK discs. We have some of the best boutique labels in the world, and I don't plan on going multi-region any time soon because there's more than enough going on here to keep me occupied.

"Ghost Story" (Second Sight)

The time has come to tell the tale for a new generation. There's some things I don't much care for in this film, but the Blu-ray presentation along with some nifty special features - have compelled me to look with better eyes than I did many years ago.
You can read my review HERE

Tokyo Tribe" (Masters Of Cinema)

Batshit crazy futuristic romp set in Tokyo, with a rapping cast and some gorgeous neon-drenched sets make this a thoroughly entertaining 116 minutes.

"Videodrome" (Arrow Video)

Cronenberg's classic looking in particular fine fettle, with a stimulating array of extras.
You can read my review HERE

"Edgar Allan Poe's Black Cats" (Arrow Video)

A wonderful double-header that repays the asking price for this set some several times over. Good to be able to re-appraise Fulci's film, while Martino's gem comes over more deliriously entertaining than ever. You can read my review

"Rabid" (Arrow Video)

I was lucky enough to see many Cronenberg films on the big screen, and this was one of them. Good to see this premium presentation many years later, with a bounty of special features.
You can read my review HERE

"Seconds" (Masters Of Cinema)

Frankenheimer's creepy SF still seems ahead of its time and looks gorgeous here, courtesy of this Masters Of Cinema disc. A cautionary tale of how your wildest dreams can mutate into something terrifying, with a fine performance from Rock Hudson.

Vivre Sa Vie (BFI)

An absolute treasure trove for Godard buffs, featuring a beautiful presentation of his film, and an array of informative and entertaining supplementary features.
You can read my review HERE

"Rude Boy" (Fabulous Films)

Essential viewings for all fans of The Clash, and for those who wondered what it was really like during those times.
This really does capture the filth and the fury of golden musical years, with some top-notch live performances and valuable supplementary features. I was lucky enough to see The Clash play live on many occasions, and you can read one of my accounts HERE Better still, buy this disc and live/re-live the magic.

"Eyes Without A Face" (BFI)

A long wait for this BFI release and worth every single minute Georges Franju's highly influential poetic and horrifying film is joined by some terrific supplements: there's a stimulating feature-length commentary track from Tim Lucas - in my opinion, the best in the business - and do look out for the short film "La Premiere nuit", where a young boy spends a night in the Paris Metro. You can read my review HERE

So, we get to the Number One spot. I was unable to split these films and don't really want to. One of them is a firm favourite of mine. The other is a discovery that pulled me in from the word go

"Blood And Black Lace" (Arrow Video)

For the quality of the film which cements its status as an influential classic; for the sumptuous, mind-blowing transfer and the generous array of excellent supplementals, this deserves a place on your self.
You can read my review HERE

"The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne" (Arrow Academy)

Savage, subversive, poetic in the extreme, this imaginative film has a fitting home at long last. The transfer is gorgeous; the extras entirely rewarding (Michael Brooke's video essay is, for me, the year's best) and Daniel Bird and Michael deserve our eternal gratitude for all the hard work that went into this release.
You can read my review HERE

So, a great year for Home Video. There were many titles that eluded me: Rossellini's "War Trilogy"; "Hard To Be A God" to name but two, and a few that could so easily have been included in my top 10 such as "Thief" and Kelly Reichardt's brilliant "Night Moves" from the fab folks at Soda Pictures. I look forward to seeing what 2016 has in store.


  1. As ever, an excellent selection; particularly Godard's, Franju and Borowczyk.

    1. Many thanks, Saxon. It was a fine year for Home Video, and great to see so many quality films restored.