Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Art Decades Magazine: A Terrific Triple Bill

Since I wrote about the debut issue of Art Decades magazine, Jeremy and his team have gone from strength to strength, with a further 3 issues to enjoy.
Disclosure: editor Jeremy Richey - an extraordinary writer and also editor of this fine magazine - was kind enough to ask me to contribute. In all honesty, my contributions pale into insignificance compared to the other writers who have made this magazine essential reading. So, no mention of my own specific work here. Instead, let's highlight what the team has been covering.
There's a great piece in issue 2 by Tara Hanks on Pauline Boty - who was "one of Britain's most vital young artists". Pauline passed away in 1966 but lives on through her work and the recognition she gets in articles such as this.

Fans of The Ravonettes will certainly be delighted by an interview with the band conducted by Jeremy and his wife Kelley. It's a beefy 6 page affair, which is followed by Kelley's take on what the band means to her. Jeremy's album by album look at the band is another gem, and the same can be said of Erich Kuersten's look at the career of Lou Reed: this episode looking at the 70s. There's also a Mary Woronov interview, conducted by Dave Stewart; video essayist Nelson Carvajal in conversation with Marcelline Block; a Daniele Santaguliana interview conducted by Salem Kapaski and JD Lafrance's look at "The Snarkout Boys and The Avocado Of Death" novel.Also, you'll surely love some terrific photography. I believe every photograph has a soul, and the artists here - including the talented Whitley Brandenberg - capture the soul on every shot.

You can purchase issue 2 by clicking HERE

Issue 3 continues Jeremy's theme of a magazine "driven by strong female voices" and includes a great interview with one of his heroes, Maria McKee. The wonderful Viv Albertine talks about The Slits, her fabulous album "The Vermillion Border" and her life during and after Punk in Dave Stewarts' interview.Part 3 of Erich's Lou Reed retro; Heather Drain's great piece on "The Devils"; Claudia Siefen's stimulating look at Masao Adachi; an article on the bruised beauty of Lana Del Ray from Tara Hanks; Michelle Alexander's article on Mike Patton; more sterling work from Jeremy on Maria McKee; Bryce Wilson on the cinema of George A Romero; Kelley's interview with Laura Sfez, and an Eric Bell interview from Silver Ferox.
The standard of writing and creativity are of the highest order, with a ton of recommendations on artists you may not have previously encountered, and fresh interpretations of old favourites.

Pure gold.You can order your copy by clicking HERE

Issue 4 includes Jeremy's interview with editor, video-essayist and writer Serena Bramble, and interviews with Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi. This is part of a fantastic tribute to the band Lush, which also features an album by album article from Jeremy. There's an artists profile on the talented Kimbre Woods; Tanner Tafelski's look at Taylor Mead; Ric Menello on Claude Chabrol by Aaron Graham; Indie filmmaker Brandon Colvin interviewed by Marcelline Block; more Lou Reed and some more classic photography with images and gorgeous actresses forming a story in your mind.

You can purchase issue 4 by clicking HERE

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