Sunday, 7 December 2014

Art Decades: A Very Special Publication

Those of you who frequent movie blogs have encountered Jeremy Richey's work on more than one occasion. Jeremy has lit up the blogosphere with his fabulous 'Moon In The Gutter' projects, and also treated us to 'Harry Moseby Confidential' (taking in films and music from the seventies); a Sylvia Kristel site and 'Fascination' a look at all (and I do mean ALL) things Jean Rollin.
Now, Jeremy, with his winning team of wife Kelley and gifted photographer Whitley Brandenburg, has carefully put together a magazine titled 'Art Decades'. The likes of Tim and Donna Lucas' 'Video Watchdog' and UK film mag 'Sight & Sound' have resulted in many informative and thought-provoking hours for me and thousands of others. Now, we have a new magazine to celebrate, and boy, what a debut!
Jeremy states in his editorial that the magazine escapes clear definition and that's exactly right. I think if you enjoy film, music and outstanding photography and modelling, this one is for you.

The passing of Lou Reed hit Jeremy particularly hard, so it's no surprise to see a Lou Reed theme in this debut issue, with the legendary Maria McKee and The Raveonettes talking about his influence on their lives and careers; gorgeous photo shoots that play out to some of Lou's lyrics, and beautifully observed album reviews from Erich Kuersten. The music theme continues with an interview with ace Brooklyn band Chappo, and Dave Stewart's article on Blondie. Jeremy certainly chose well with his contributors - check out Heather Drain's piece on Walerian Borowczyk's 'La Bete' - and there's a great interview with Andrew Loog Oldham.
Jeremy's introduction to Celia Rowlson-Hall is also richly deserving of your time. Her name is a new one on me, but you can bet I'll be checking out this recommendation very soon. Jeremy rates her 'Prom Night' short film as one of the finest shorts he's seen.

'Art Decades' is beautifully laid out, and a tribute to Jeremy, Kelley, Whitley and the rest of the AD family.
So, head on over to and bag yourself a copy, pronto!


  1. Thank you so much for this amazing post, your kind words and incredible work!!!

    1. Thanks Jeremy. I'm sure your magazine will be a massive success.